Business Review and Advise

We also review the business where there is statutory obligation or on client request & packages. The business review includes reviewing the financial statements along with processes to verify the accuracy, performance indicators and any changes therein as compared to last year,


Our business Review and Advice includes under mentioned:

  • Business review from Financial Statements: We give you details about change in performance and factors effecting the performance as compared to previous period

Advice : We also provide you with advice how to improve the performance helping you in overall growth in revenues and profitability and cutting in costs.

  • Business review from processes: We will provide this service on clients request and under this we review your business and find various control procedures and processes involved in your business from begining to end

Advise : We will provide you advice about any revenue leakage possibility in control procedures along with reasons and advice you to change control procedures and processes which may help you in running  your  business  in   better  way  with less stress and also  help  you in improving profitability

  • Business Acquision and related services: We will check the financial statements and study on the basis of information available and advise you  about business perofrmance. We will also provide advise to existing business about backward and forward integration advantages / disadvantages with its calculations